Music: Mindtrap
Lyrics : Nota Dimou
Artwork : Q.B.Mix
Video Production: Mindtrap

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Special thanks : Pantelis Tsantos , Kostas Kokotzis , Grigoris Fitsakis , John Geragelos 

Lyrics :
Summertime came just to spice up our days, 
to put a smile on your beautiful face,
I’ve been betrayed in a million ways,
but now it’s time to forget and erase!
Dance with me, don’t look back, just let go,
you’ve guessed right, I am into you,
feel the rhythm from head to toe,
release me now, touch my body and soul!

Summertime hits, you and me on the beach,
leaving our traces on the sand eternally,
your pretty face and the taste of your lips,
your soft fingertips,
summer melody sounds heavenly!

When I’m with you it is like heaven is near
safe in your arms I can forget any fear,
your tender voice is all I’m craving to hear
keep whispering lusty words in my ear
They say love isn’t easy at all,
comes with summer, goes with fall
ours will last, we will prove them all wrong,
just hold my hand as you’re singing along